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During and after the flood lot of infectious diseases Like:- Cholera, Malaria, Typhoid etc. cause of pestilence for the people survive in the areas. BGSVS conducts health camps in the area with the support of Govt. hospitals. In the flood affected areas, several Health and hygiene Awareness camps are conducted to aware the community about infections through water caused diesis during flood period and the protection. In the camps Doctors were involved to take technical sessions upon the diesis because of there are lot of infections suffered the community due to the water logged. Over 500 Families build their skill about the causes of water caused diesis and the method of its protection. A campaign had been conducted in Shivpur block to make informed the community about their health and health related issues especially in flood affected areas. The mothers were encouraged to keep their baby neat and clean and to have attention that the baby was not eating the rough items selling in the market, which can cause of any type of infections. The five principals of hygiene’s were also discussed with the parents. On the same issue the ASHA, AWW (Angan Wadi Workers) and Gram Panchayat Members had been also sensitized through group meetings at local level to mobilize them to play their effective and efficient role to strengthen their villagers’ health. Gram panchayat members had been also trained about decentralized process and they had been trained how they could build village level plan focused upon health issue to address them.

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