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Disaster Management Program

Flood Risk Reduction Program supported by CARE:-

The Tarai belt of Eastern UP is one of the most backward areas of the state as evident from the development index. Due to the nearby of Indo- Nepal border Ghaghra, Saryu, Sharda and lot of small mountain rivers inter in India through the District because of they caused high flood in District Bahraich. Due to the rivers 07 Blocks become fully effected with flood and lot of Families loss their family members, Live stocks, Agricultural land, crops and daily use items per year, because of migration of male person is increasing because there is no any option for livelihood generation to several destination in India regularly basis.

During the flood period, the relives are provided by Govt. and NGOs are not sufficient for their life either as much as they had lost. While they had lost their agricultural land and Crops and they totally depend upon money lender and pledge their rest assets to money lender and they are being deeply covered with loan. In this critical situation they allow their children to work as child labor in the local hotels and Dhabas and sometimes in other far areas.

BGSVS is working in this flood porn area to strengthen livelihood and lives stocks among small and marginalized farmers that was not much sufficient as they required.

Skill Building to reduce risk of Flood supported by CARE:-

To build the capacity of Youths from flood porn villages who are the most affected villages by flood, on pre, during & past disaster risk reduction, BGSVS conducts training programs for the youths of concerning villages. Ten youths have been selected from each village and formed 05 Task Forces and trained them, regarding Pre-information & warning, Search & Rescue, water & sanitation, First-aid and Social Inclusion for playing emergency effort during flood period in their concerning villages. Along with 300 small farmers had been also aware about the rescue during the flood and also aware about the health and hygiene issue regarding safety from water caused diesis.

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